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TwoAlity – Product Review  3

TwoAlity Wristlet


Have you ever been stuck digging around for your phone in your purse, handbag, tote, or what ever you carry?  I have and it’s never a pleasant experience trying to find it.  My kids get irritated and people around me get irritated because the phone keeps ringing and ringing!  Sometimes when I need to run into the store to pick something up real quick, I hate dragging my entire purse with me.  I actually am not a big fan of a purse, but I need one, so I use one.

When I received the TwoAlity wristlet {$14.99 each} to test out I was so happy because I loathe carrying a purse.  I love this little wristlet because it is clear on one side making finding my phone super easy!!!  Not only that but I don’t even have to take it out of the wristlet because the plastic is made with texting in mind!  You can easily swipe and text on your phone without having to remove it from your wrist!  It’s super cool!  I can toss my keys, a few bucks, and my debit card…and some lipstick or gloss!  It all fits!!  I even like it because it can fit in my purse and with the clasp on it, I can attach it to my purse strap and automatically know where my phone is!  It’s also great for bringing along to the beach or pool…just attach the clasp to your beach tote!

TwoAlity Product Review

Now for the quality.  I am very, very pleased with that too.  The heavy duty zipper makes me feel confident that my phone won’t suddenly fall out!  The strap is big enough to hold in my hand or carry it on my forearm. The TwoAlity wristlet is 5’’ tall, 7’’ wide. The wrist strap is 11’’ long, including the clasp.   Made in the USA!

The TwoAlity wristlet is great for tween, teens and moms!  It’s great for gift giving, even if you have to gift it to yourself, it’s totally worth it!  And the price, $14.99… I mean, come on now! :)

Next time you’re running out…don’t forget your TwoAlity wristlet!




MOSO Air Purifying Bag {Review}  0

Have you ever opened your refrigerator only to get a nasty whiff of that onion or garlic you chopped up?  How about getting a second dose of last nights dinner?  I know having 3 kids that odors come from all areas…even your fridge.  Normally we put a nice box of baking soda to eliminate the odors, but what if that just isn’t enough and box after box, you still smell all the odors you wish you hadn’t?

Enter … MOSO Air Purifying Bag, for the refrigerator!

Moso Air Purifying Bag has this really cool bag that naturally absorbs odors, bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens.  I have their refrigerator bag and it comes with a little suction cup hook that you can place anywhere in your fridge.  It also helps to dehumidify to help prevent mold, mildew and excess moisture!  It is fragrance free, non toxic and made with 100% Moso Bamboo Charcoal that makes it Eco Friendly too!  Now you’re probably wondering if it really works, right?  Yes, yes it does.  I had taco’s one night and put the diced tomatoes and onions in the fridge so my husband could eat when he came home from work.  As you can imagine, the fridge usually smells of onions immediately and once you open that door, you know there are onions in there, somewhere!  This particular night, I hung up the Moso Air Purifying Bag and when my husband came home and opened the door, he asked if I had any cut up onions.  Yep, couldn’t even smell them!  That’s when I knew it was really working.  My husband has a nose for onions, it’s actually one of his favorite foods {yeah, really} so for him not to even smell them, we were on to something!  It’s been hanging in the fridge for a couple weeks now and you still can’t smell anything that you don’t want to smell.   The good thing about this product is that is rejuvenates in sunlight so all you have to do is place it near a sunny window and you’re good to go!  You can use it up to 2 years and when your done with it, simply sprinkle the bamboo charcoal in your garden or yard and it helps to promote plant growth!  I love products that are multi-purpose and eco-friendly is even better!  Moms, you will like the price too!  It’s nicely priced at just $7.95 per refrigerator bag {and don’t forget that it lasts 2 years}! has other size bags too, so I encourage you to head over there and take a peek!  They have some for smelly shoes!  With an active {smelly} boy, you better believe I’ll be heading there!


DISCLAIMER: “gifted” Tots To Teens Magazine with a Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag to test and review.  This blog post is merely a personal report based on how impressed I was with the product they supplied me with. Any and all opinions on this post are a direct result of my personal experience and are based on what I learned about the brand itself.

Replenish – A Product Review  0

I am obsessed with cleaning products!  But let me say first before you think I am a super clean freak and obsessed with the process of “cleaning”, I am not.  In fact, I hate dusting and cleaning!  I guess it’s just because I am always so busy that cleaning takes a back seat.  I do however, clean all bathrooms and the kitchen all the time.  I started to get away from all the chemically enhanced cleaning products because, one… I hate the smell, and two… I hate how I feel when I’m cleaning.  I hate feeling the overwhelming need to cough when I inhale cleaning products!  I hate it!  With that said, I was so happy when I heard about Replenish!  OMG…why haven’t I heard of this product sooner?  I don’t know!

Lets start off with it’s history.  It started back in 2006 when the founder of Replenish was ironing his shirts.  {Hello…he irons… that right there says a lot!}  I digress, instead of adding regular ole water to the iron, he started thinking of how he can create a concentrated cleaning solution that was easy to mix that used only one bottle.  That’s enough to make you go “hmmm”, right?

Needless to say, Replenish was born!  Their products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and 99% plant-derived so it is not irritating to human skin!  It can be used safely ANYWHERE!  You have no idea how much I LOVE this!  I recently tried the “Sun Lemon” scent and I can’t even describe what I smell.  It is so clean and refreshing.  It actually makes me happy when I am cleaning up the nasty spilled on counter top!  You can smell it from across the room.  Oh, it just makes me happy!

Now, why is this product so special?  It is a reusable bottle system that is like no other.  If you want to cut down on the cost of plastic, oil, and reduce carbon emissions then you have found the product for you.  The bottle itself is completely reusable and is 100% recyclable.   To start off, you would buy the bottle and it comes with one “pod” for roughly $6.99.  Each “pod” provides you with three bottles worth of cleaning solution.  That comes to about  $2.33 PER bottle!  When you are finished with the”pod”, you simply toss that and replace it with a “refill pod” that costs about $3.79 each {again, it has enough solution to fill three bottles} so, looking at it as a cost effective way to clean, using the refill comes to $1.26 PER bottle!  Come on…really!

How does it work?  It’s really a simple 4 step process.

1. Remove the seal and reattach the “pod” to the bottom of the bottle.

2. Flip the bottle over and squeeze the “pod” to fill the measuring cup.

3. Flip back to upright position and slowly add water to the bottle.

4. Start cleaning!

I honestly cannot say anything bad about this product.  It cleans great, it is cost effective, it smells wonderful, it’s safe for the whole family {including the dog} and it is completely reusable.  The only thing is, you can’t find Replenish every where.  {It’s only found at Dominick’s food stores where I am at.}  BUT… I would HAPPILY purchase this product from their online shop.  It is that good!

{Product Review} Q-Knot reusable ties  0

Q-Knots are reusable multipurpose ties used for just about anything in your home or office. From loose wires, to chip bags, and everything in between, Q-Knots are a great way to help you stay organized.

UTWire, creator or Q-Knots, was created with the purpose of hassle free do it yourself organization and designed for everyday use without hard to use installation tools, parts, or instructions. Products can be found at The Container Store, Home Depot, Crate & Barrel, and online retailers such as Amazon and

Q-Knots are an award winning design, winner of the iF Product Design Award 2012 and Red Dot Award 2012: Product Design. Q-Knots feature a self locking design, with non slip gripping teeth. They are easy to release and retie and stretchable, flexible, and durable.

I recently had the privilege to try out Q-knots to see for my self. I was very excited to get them out and use them. I am all for anything organizing. With 2 young kids, I love searching for new and exciting ways to keep all those game cords and snack bags together.

When I opened a reusable back of popcorn, my first thought, “YAY, I need to get out the Q-knots.” I pulled them out and grabbed one to use. To start, they were very easy to use and very simple to use. Easy, easy, easy! Just simply grab a size and wrap the long “toothy” end around the bag or item and pull through the hole on the other side and pull until it “clicks” around the tooth and pull until you have a tight grip. That’s it. Love it. I have them all over my pantry now.

I also have them wrapped around the very long ac adapter cords that are attached to my boys electronic games. They like to play games in their rooms before bed and the long cords freak me out if they were to fall asleep. So, now that the cords are bundled up and secured with a Q-Knot, I do not have to worry. They have been tied up with the Q-knot for several weeks now and have not come undone.

I would say this is a must buy and a must have!

D-Wings by UT Wire  2

D-Wings Product white

What a cleaver little product! Just a few pieces of uniquely designed plastic can save your life… well the life of your electronics at least. If you have small children or PETS D-Wings are a must. Even if you just have a mess of cluttered cords behind your desk, D-Wings can straighten up that unsightly mess. D-wings are the newest product by UT Wire.
In my house, more than one electronic device with an electrical cord has had the need to be replaced simply because my “innocent” little kitty thought the cords were her personal teething toys. Well when I got the opportunity to test out these cord keepers I jumped at it. First I HAD to test them out in my office where a cluster of cords from my monitor, PC, printers (yes I have several), router, lamps and cell phone charger all entwine in a magical jungle of electrical cords below my work table. This was not a pretty sight, but thanks to the D-Wings all my cords are now untangled and neatly secured to the wall (also no longer a teething hazard waiting to happen to my cat).
These worked so well in my office that I decided to try them out in my twins’ bedroom. They have loft beds (which are like a bunk bed with only the top bunk and a desk below) and a lot of cords accruing below. They EACH have a reading lamp fastened above, a desk lamp, handheld video game chargers, laptop chargers and a few various other items that need to be plugged in from time to time… let’s just say it’s a mess down there and these are just desk tops so no back panel to hide the mess! I fastened a few D-wings below each desk and the clutter immediately vanished. All the same cords are still there but instead of all the “slack” of the cords meshing into a black mess they are all lined up and neatly fastened to the wall.
The D-wings come 6 per pack in your choice of black or white. The backs have double stick tape so they adhere well to most surfaces, simply peel the backing and stick ‘em where you want them to stay!
I only wish they came in more colors! I used the white ones on my pale grey walls and the black on my dark blue walls and it was fine. However, another suggested use is to easily mount holiday lights and minimize clutter and eyesores… since its summer I didn’t test that theory, but I have turquoise walls on my balcony so I don’t think I would like them in white or black in that scenario.
~Lisa Yaker

I want to “huggy” the IceHuggy!  0

You know, now that summer is coming, that means parents are stocking up on their child’s favorite summer treat…the “freeze pop”, am I right?  We have found the best freeze pop accessory…or I should say, freeze pop essential, out there.  It’s this nifty little thing called the “IceHuggy™“.  The IceHuggy allows you to easily slip your freeze pop right into the sleeve and fasten.  You can also adjust the size of your IceHuggy by just flipping the top part over to fold it, then fasten it.  It’s a one, two, three step process and it will keep your little one’s fingers from becoming freezing fingers, which allows them to enjoy the treat and not complain that their fingers are cold.   The stretchy material allows you to fit any size freeze pop in it.  We tested it with a few different sized items and it held its shape, and was just as easy to use with the bigger ones as it was to use with the smaller sized ones.  Freeze pops aren’t the only treat that you can use in your IceHuggy, you can use frozen yogurt sticks, electrolyte pops, and sore throat pops to name a few.   Oh, oh, oh, get this, the best part….you can just toss them into your washing machine because they are MACHINE washable!!!  So after they drip, get sticky (you know the kinds of messes kids can make) then just wash and reuse…PERFECTION!  They are CPSIA tested and approved (bonus)!  Another added bonus for us here at Tots To Teens Magazine is that the product was invented by a mom of 6 and you know how we feel about mom-entrepreneurs!  (high-fives all around from the mom and a big thumbs up from my little model, Gianna as seen in the photo)

They are sold in a package of two for $6.99, which IMO will be one of the best summer product investments you could make!  Check them out at

Giveaway #2 – Ons Gear


If you live in a chilly city, (like me…the windy city) then you know how challenging it is to get childrens mittens and gloves to stay put! There is nothing worse that going out to play in the snow and then finding you have an arms length of snow up your sleeve! Ons Gear has come up with a fabulous way (a much warmer way) to keep your childrens mittens to say on. They call them MITT-ONS™, and what it is, is an innovative mitten which stop snow from getting in, keeping hands warm and dry. Of course we had to test them out and make sure that in this snowy Chicago suburb my little (precious) daughter’s hands are snugly warm after playing outside in the snow with her brother. (PS Ons Gear, I would like these in adult sizes using gloves please!) They are fantastic! They really do keep the snow from going up and into the sleeves of your child’s coat allowing them to play outside a longer! (YAY!)

They are made with a sleeve that goes all the way to the elbow and it zippers at the wrist for easy access, say for, taking off a coat to go to the bathroom 18 times opening and closing that patio door so you wonder why you are heating your home…but that is another story all in itself! They are patent-pending and are truly designed to stay on! They come in 3 different colors and sizes for boys and girls aged 2 to teen years.

Because the product is so awesome, the company has offered to give away one pair to one lucky reader located in the United States or Canada. You get to choose your color and size! Keep for your child or give it to a loved one’s child, or if you don’t have a child, enter and give it to a child in need this winter!!!

All you need to do is “like” Ons Gear on Facebook, and fill out the entry form below! Wha-la, your entered! Giveaway starts 12/7/2010 and ends at 5PM CST on 12/12/2010. Could this be your lucky day??? Enter and lets find out! (Retail Value: $24.95)

Visit our Rules and Regulations

Suave Kids – 2 in 1 Swim & Sport Product Review  0

First I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Cristy and I am the mom to an active 3 year old who loves to spend time in the neighborhood pool. We had the wonderful opportunity to test out the product made by Suave, for kids, called the 2-in-1 Swim & Sport shampoo. With spending a lot of time in the pool, most will know that the chlorine and various chemicals can damage adult hair but don’t forget about the damage that is done to a child’s hair. Their hair is baby soft on a normal day but after many days in the pool it becomes coarse and not so pleasant to touch. We gave the 2-in-1 Shampoo a try for 7 days. We always wash hair after a day in the pool, which is everyday, so for us, we were consistently using the product.

I was very pleased with the citrus scent as it was kid-friendly and it wasn’t overpowering for a little one. With the Suave name backing this product, it was ophthalmologist tested and is also tear free! Anyone with a toddler knows that they cannot get anything, and I mean, anything into their eyes when you wash their hair. From day one, this shampoo left my daughters hair smoother than our other shampoo and it felt as if it was restoring her previously chlorinated hair. I can happily say that it met and perhaps even exceeded my original expectations. Retails for around $2.50-3.00, I would definitely ditch my other kids shampoo’s and stick with what works for my baby girl.

Product Review – Softsoap Spa  0

I love CVS and when they had the Softsoap Spa as their monthly deal I was thinking, great more soap. Well that wasn’t the case with the “Spa” series. I got my allowed amount and was actually excited to give it a try. When ever I get something new to try, I get all excited and can’t wait to crack it open. This time I had to shove everything out of the way on my shower caddy. I have so many open bottles of ‘stuff’ why not add one more. I poured a bit on my loofah and got to sudsing. I fell in love at that very moment. It has exfoliating beads inside and you can really feel it work. The scent was a very soothing and relaxing, clean scent actually. I was going to give them away for gifts through out the year, but with these I may have to rethink that. I want to keep them all and use them all up! I would say, considering mine were free, I’d actually consider paying full price for it! Shocking, I know!!! I believe they retail for $3.49-5.49 at your local stores. Great price, great product, great find!!!