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Prom Dresses

It’s not too early to start shopping for Prom dresses!  Whether you want something that sparkles and makes a big statement or something that is soft and subtle, long or short, we have picked out some of our favorite looks under $120.00!  Snag these deals up while you can!  There are a lot of nice gowns on sale and you might even find some holiday looks on clearance that would make a perfect Prom dress!
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Looking for something short and sassy?  How about this one from 6pm.

  Yumi Short Prom Dress from 6pm

Yumi - Prom Dress (Black) Women's Dress



Like sparkles and a touch of glam?  This long gown comes in a few colors to choose from.

Adrianna Papell Dream Girls Bead Prom Gown from 6pm
Adrianna Papell - Dream Girls Bead Prom Gown (Geranium) Women's Dress



Are you looking for something a little more simple yet sophisticated?  This one by ModCloth is a perfect choice!

Elegance Again Dress by ModCloth
*New Customer Offer-Get $20 off $100+ when you sign up on the ModCloth site



Love the look of an elegant Maxi?  This selection has two colors to choose from & you can’t beat this deal! 

Contemporary Strapless Chiffon Maxi Dress from Forever21

LOVE21 Women's Blush Strapless Chiffon Maxi Dress



Looking for something with a little lace and a lot of elegance, this is the perfect one for you!

Scalloped Lace V-Neck with Back Cutout from Target



There are just a few of our favorite looks for Prom dresses this year.  We will be starting to add a few more posts to share our favorite Prom accessories, shoes, handbags, jewelry, make up and of course, nails!  Keep checking back to see what we find!


What is your Prom dress style? 


Rolf Bleu fashion accessories for girls  0

Rolf Bleu fashion accessories for girls

Rolf Bleu


Rolf Bleu gives girls a way to stay fashionable while having fun.  Gianna has always loved wearing hats, hats of all kinds.  And she looks super cute wearing them too which is a huge plus!  She doesn’t get that from me!  I look horrible in hats!  It’s true, I do and I’ve always hated that!  Anyway, back to Gianna.  Look how stinkin adorable she is wearing her new hat by Rolf Bleu!  We had the great opportunity to review a couple products, the slouch beanie and the Avana iPhone 6 phone case.  Gianna is seriously in love with her beanies and I think you can tell that by looking at her adorable smile!  With beanies being all the rage, Rolf Bleu provides girls with plenty of options from solid beanies to beanies with hashtags and fun words at $22 each.


avana phone case by rolf bleu


And that’s not all.  They have other items as well like the Avana iPhone 6 case/purse (shown below) and iPad and iPad Mini case/purses!  The Avana iPhone case protects the phone while acting like a purse and wallet.  It is a silicone case that has little rhinestones on the backside with a little strap to carry the phone with.  It has a slot on the back of it too that acts as a wallet that you can slide your money or credit card/debit card or license in without having to worry about it falling out.  The Avana iPhone 6 case comes in three colors and is $28 each.  Rolf Bleu has other fashion forward products such as bracelets, necklaces, snap backs, mittens, scarves and totes and have been spotted on many celebrities!  Heck, even I like the Avana phone case and have used it too because it’s so cute and who doesn’t love a cute phone case that is multipurpose?


If your tween/teen is fashion conscious, check out Rolf Bleu.  I’m sure you’ll find something that’s perfect for them! :)








Subaru Legacy, I miss you.  0

Subaru Legacy, I miss you…


2015 Subaru Legacy


I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Subaru to test drive the Subaru Legacy, and man, Subaru Legacy, I miss you!  Coming from years of driving a minivan, driving the Legacy brought me back to my youth when driving a car was way cooler than driving a minivan.  What I really miss the most about driving it is driving it in the evenings.  It felt like I was flying a plane.  Ok, so not really a plane because I don’t know what that feels like, but with all the lit up bells and whistles, it was almost magical.  Take a look…isn’t it pretty??


Subaru Legacy, I miss you


In the photo above you can see the +eyesight driver assistance system (it looks like a mini runway) and it would alert you if you started to cross into another lane.  I love the colors too.  I can’t even explain the feeling that I had when I was driving it.  Now that I’m thinking about it, there are a lot of features that I miss.  Like the rear view back up camera!  It was so nice to have that because I hate pulling out of a parking space when I can’t see past the car next to me.  I also really, really miss the moonroof.  I used to have one way back when and now with my Outlander, I don’t have one now and that makes me sad.  I loved having the moonroof open while driving down the country roads out here.  Now it just feels like I’m cooped up.  I miss seeing the sunlight shining through it on hot summer days.  And I’ll share one more feature that I miss…the heated seats!  Oh yes, being in the Midwest with below zero temperatures and snow, having a seated heat is like heaven on Earth.  I don’t have one now and I sure could use one!  There are so many cool things that I miss, like the entire dashboard! HA!  Man, I wish I knew then what I know now because I’m pretty sure my auto purchase would have been different!  Subaru Legacy, I miss you!  *Note to self…next time…..


Make informed choices when you purchase your next vehicle and pay the Subaru Legacy a visit.  For more information on the 2015 (or 2016) Subaru Legacy you can visit their Facebook Page, tweet them on Twitter or go visit your local Subaru dealer.  





Kid-Friendly Bluetooth Headphones by Puro Sound Labs  1

Kid-Friendly Bluetooth Headphones
by Puro Sound Labs

kid friendly bluetooth headphones




Kid-Friendly Bluetooth headphones are a definite must have for kids and I’ll tell you why.   Puro Sound Labs BT2200’s have been created with kids health and safety in mind so I was beyond psyched to partner with them to test out this product.  They are the first studio-grade Bluetooth headphones on the market.  The number one reason why I find these particular headphones amazing is they are made to limit the volume which protects your kids ears.  Volumes over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss over time.  Kids (I know mine have) have been known to listen to very loud music while wearing headphones.  You know it’s loud when you can hear their music when they are wearing headphones.  Puro Sound Labs now makes controlling the volume a piece of cake.  They simply do it for you.  These amazing Bluetooth headphones have a maximum 85 decibel volume limit on them so there is no chance of entering the decibel danger zone. 


Kids can be picky, especially tweenagers, and that’s why Gianna’s opinion means so much to me.  She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t and she will be the first person to tell you exactly what she thinks.  She has been using the kid-friendly Bluetooth headphones by Puro Sound Labs for the last month.  She has told me on numerous occasions that they are the best headphones she’s ever used.  I am pretty smart because I did not mention the sound/volume control to her because I wanted to see if she mentioned anything about them not being loud enough.  To this day, not a word on the volume.  She has told me that her new headphones are her favorite headphones.  They fit her perfectly.  The band is padded, comfortable and adjustable.  The best part for her is not having a wire hanging or getting caught on things.  She can listen to her music in her room, or sitting on her chair watching videos on YouTube and I don’t have to worry about the noise level damaging her ears.


The other thing I love about the Pure Sound Labs BT2200’s are the price.  These headphones are priced perfectly compared to other brands on the market.  They retail for $79.99 and come in  (*affiliate link) white/silver and  (*affiliate link) tan/gold (which is what Gianna is wearing in the photo above).  They come with a hard case and fold flat for traveling.  They can be used seamlessly with a cell phone (even has an integrated microphone) and has an 18 hour battery life for music playback and 200 hours of standby time.  Yes, they are everything you could possibly want in a Bluetooth headphone made just for kids.


The headphones are available through authorized online re-sellers including (*affiliate link)


Kid-Friendly Bluetooth Headphones by Puro Sound Labs

How to have fun baking with your child!  0


How to have fun baking with your child?
Baking with G will show you!

How To Have Fun Baking With Your Child


How to have fun baking with your child, I’ll tell you…suit them up with their own baking/cooking supplies!  All three of my kids love to cook and bake with me and I love that!  All I have to do is ask any one of them at any moment if they want to help me cook or bake something and usually they will just join in without saying “I’m too busy”, or “I have homework” (though I wouldn’t mind that reason), or “I have to play a video game”.  I have always included the kids in the meal prep, cooking and/or baking process.  It’s good for them to learn how to take care of themselves and I say, the younger you start, the better.


Gianna is my little chef so when we received the Curious Chef products to test out, she was super excited.  Now, Gianna is 11 so she has the basics down but still, she loved the thought of having her own cooking utensils & apron.  Curious Chef provides young chefs with the tools they need to have fun, stay safe and get all kinds of creative!  Curious Chef products are safe for kids 4+ and are sturdy, colorful, easy to read and real size.  They aren’t poorly made and they aren’t “baby” looking.  They are the real deal for your aspiring chef.  They have really cool new products too so I really recommend you check out their website.  If you’re looking for a Pie Kit, they have it.  Pizza set?  They have that too.  Vegetable set…yup.  Pastry wheel, bowl set, and the one that Gianna is using, the 11 piece Chef’s Set {$24.99} above.  They even have open stock items so you can buy what you need to complete your little chef’s set.  Check out the super cute apple slicer!  I mean, I want it all for myself really.


Take a look at the photos below and you’ll see how to have fun baking with your child!  Let them do the work!  You are there to just make sure that they aren’t blowing up the kitchen, but it is ok for them to measure, mix, fold in fruit and put it in the oven.  They are curious!  Curious little chefs!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I did forget to show off the shopping list, stickers and cookie cutter that also came with our kit.  I absolutely love these products.  They are made extremely well, dishwasher safe and kid friendly.  Curious Chef sets would make a great birthday gift, or gift your child just because he/she is a curious chef.  It’s a great way to get them involved in the cooking and baking process.  It’s a great way to let them explore and have fun in the kitchen in a safe way.  If I had a star or rating system, I’d give Curious Chef 5 stars and a 10 out of 10!  Way to go!  Gianna doesn’t know this but I have plans for her birthday which includes a couple more pieces to add to her kitchen collection!



Roblox Gift Cards!  1

Roblox Gift Cards

Favorite Holiday Finds #9


Roblox Gift Cards


Roblox gift cards will make an excellent last minute gift for gamers between the ages of 8 & 18 this holiday season.  You can get them in incriments of $10, $25, $50 or you purchase what ever you’d like between $10 and $100 using their $10-$100 gift cards.  So you might be asking yourself right about now, what is Roblox?  Roblox users can create their own indie video games using the super simple developer tools.  Once complete, gamers can launch their own video games for millions of gamers to access and play across PC, MAC and mobile devices…all for free!  Roblox gift cards give kiddos access to premium in-game content.  My son is a gamer and hopes to become a game developer.  It’s been his dream for the last few years.  Being in 8th grade, this gives him an opportunity to dive into software development early on and gets him exposed to a variety of gaming tools while increasing his gaming and software development skills.


We were able to test out the Roblox gift cards and both kids, my youngest (11 yo) and my son (14) both were able to explore different areas.  One was playing games while the other opted to build a floating house with a gigantic swimming pool and a swimming zombie.  I was just happy to see them using their imaginations during game play.  (Sorry about the glare on the images – I have yet to figure out how to take a decent photo of a computer or tv screen! —any tips are welcome!)  Gianna added her cute Christmas Tree for a quick selfie shot while Scott was busy playing different games.  Gianna’s guy was always ready to strike a pose apparently, he’s not camera shy at all!


Roblox Gift Card Game Play


If you are looking for a kid-friendly gift this Christmas or if you need a last minute gift or stocking stuffer, you can find the Roblox gift cards at your local WalMart, Toys “R” Us, GameStop and CVS Pharmacies.  Be sure to check out for more details!  We added this item to our Favorite Holiday Finds because it gives the gift of game play, gaming tools and gaming through imagination.




TigerLady Self Defense  0

TigerLady Self Defense
Favorite Holiday Finds #8

TigerLady Self Defense


TigerLady Self Defense is a great tool to have handy anytime you are feeling unsafe or if you want to have an added sense of security.  This time of the year is a crazy time for many women (and men) who are out and about shopping for holiday gifts at all hours of the day and night.  Many times you are left to walk in dark parking lots and there are people who will scout the area and take advantage of women who may seem distracted.  It is always good to take notice of who is around you and pay special attention to the lighting where you park, but to have something to hold on to provides an extra boost of confidence.  


I thought I would share this product because as a mom to a teenage girl, I am always checking and double checking on her and making sure she is as safe as she can be.  This is something so simple yet it can be a major game changer.  I’m not just talking about dark parking lots, I am talking about a simple walk through the park or on a well-known path.  Heck, it could be just walking down your sidewalk!  You just never know now days!  I would rather be safe than sorry, if you know what I mean!  That’s why when I saw this product I knew I had to check it out a bit further.


TigerLady Self Defense


I received this and instantly thought it was an amazing product because it is something that fits so nicely in your hand and it is super easy to “activate” (if that’s what you’d like to call it).  Basically you will just slide the strap onto your wrist, hold TigerLady in your hand (logo side up), and you’ll see, it fits perfectly that way.  Then all you have to do is squeeze it (making a fist) and the little cat like claws come out. It is small enough to put in your pocket or keep in your purse.  For just $29.00 it would also make a great gift for those runners, walkers, or any teen or adult that you care about.  You can even use it at a stocking stuffer!  Hey, safety is priceless in my book and that’s why it has made it on my Favorite Holiday Finds list!!


Go check out for more information!




Mother Trucker & Co  0

Mother Trucker & Co
Favorite Holiday Finds #7

mother trucker & co



Mother Trucker & Co carries some of today’s most trendy sayings and hashtags.  The company was started by two PTA moms (of boys).  They took the trucker (snap back) hat and made it a fun, fashion friendly, celebrity loved product.  The Mother Trucker & Co has quite a following and such a neat line.   As you can see above, their “Boss Lady” trucker hat is being worn by yours truly and the “Boss Girl” lil trucker is being worn by my side-kick, Gianna.  It’s only fitting that I am boss lady and she is boss girl.  It suits us to a tee. 


Their line consists of a Lil’ Mother Trucker (that range in size for little youth to big youth), Breast Cancer Awareness (love those a lot), Dirt Life, What’s Up Beaches, Sports Mom, Football, Mom Life (which I could totally relate to), Gotta Represent, Inspirations, Freakin Fabulous, and last but certainly not last, Mrs. & Tis the Season.  The Lil’ Mother Trucker hats are $20 while the adult sizes are $25.  NOT a bad price at all!


Gianna and I have fun wearing our hats together.  She is my little mini me so to see this photo, it is so “us”.  Look at Karma too, perhaps the Mother Trucker & Co can come up with cute pup hats too and call them Mother Trucker Pupper! :)


I like that these Trucker hats are affordable for both adult and kid sizes.  The quality is top notch.  I love the fit, style and of course, the glam and sparkle!  Gianna and I are going to rock our Mother Truckers and be the bosses we are!


Be sure to take a look at all their Truckers.  I really liked the “Blessed” & “Believe” truckers too.  We are very happy to have them a part of our Favorite Holiday Finds list! :)



Guitar Hero Live! FUN for the Whole Family!  0

Guitar Hero Live!
Favorite Holiday Find #6

Guitar Hero Live


Guitar Hero Live!  WOOHOO!!!  Let me tell you how excited we are about this game!!  We are a musical family…not singing around the piano musical family, but we love music and listen to it any chance we get.  My oldest has been in choir for about 9 years in school.  My son just recently discovered his love for the guitar and is self-teaching himself songs, notes, you name it.  My husband has an amazing ear for sound and can pretty much learn any song by ear alone.  My youngest loves the drums and had a beginner set years ago but she out grew that…and so did my ears.  When we had the opportunity to test out the new Guitar Hero Live, I knew what I had to say!  YES—please!!

We had Guitar Hero many years ago and I think it was probably when it first came out many moons ago.  The kids traded their video games in for computer games and having Guitar Hero Live on PS3 has sparked their interest in video games again.  With three kids, my oldest will play Guitar Hero Live with her boyfriend and hold guitar offs.  My son (shown above) usually comes home from school and plays a few songs before heading to his dungeon (his room).  My youngest, she’ll play any chance she gets…in between her brother and sister.  My son thinks he’s an expert and plays on that level…not me, I was on basic & the super easy level – I still struggle with my coordination!  My fingers done move that fast….really, they don’t.


Guitar Hero Live


Guitar Hero Live comes with the guitar, guitar strap, batteries, and the game disc.  You can play live with real concert goers and hear real reactions (like the booing I received which didn’t do anything for my confidence lol), or you can play guitar hero tv which is the world’s first playable music video network (you can play friends or other players from around the world).  It consists of a 230 song library!  My oldest was super excited to see some of her favorite bands were listed.  She didn’t think they would be but they were!


Here’s my son showing off his mad Guitar Hero Live skills.  He was bragging because he can play on expert and no one else in the family can.  YET!!




Guitar Hero Live is rated T – Teen and is available for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and WiiU.  It has a MSRP of $99.99 and is available at Target, Walmart, Amazon.


This game is super fun and great for the entire family. We love it and that is why it has made its way to our Favorite Holiday Finds list! :)




Scooch 4 in 1 Cell Phone Case  2

Scooch 4 in 1 Cell Phone Case

Favorite Finds #5


Clipstic Pro by Scooch



Scooch has come up with a great product that is multipurpose and if you know me, you know I love things that solve more than one problem!  Have you ever tried propping your phone up on something so that you can watch a video or facetime only to have it keep falling over or sliding down?  How about when you’re in the car and you’re fumbling around trying to read a map on your phone making you easily distracted?  OR if you’re holding your phone and somehow it jumps out of your hand and falls onto the floor?  Well Scooch has taken care of those problems for you.  The Scooch Clipstic Pro is a 4 in 1 case that allows you to be handsfree when you need to be while protecting your cellular device.  


  1. Mount it – you can use the flexible clip to insert into your car vent allowing you to be hands free while your map guides you to your destination safely!
  2. Grip it – you can use the flexible clip for added security while holding your phone.  Simply slide it between your fingers and grip away!
  3. Kick it – you can extend the clip allowing your phone to rest on it so you can watch Netflix or Facetime with the kids.  You can rest your phone either horizontally or vertically so that is a win win for me!
  4. Protect it – this is by far the most important!  You don’t want to ruin a cell phone that seriously costs you $600-$700 dollars, now do you?  I think not!  I love this because it has the extra corner bumper and the little lip that covers the face of the phone so that if it should fall, you know you have ample protection.


I also love the sleek and slim design.  I can’t stand bulky phone cases and this one is perfect for me in all areas.  I liked it so much that when my mom saw me using it, she wanted one!  The Scooch Clipstic Pro comes in 4 colors (I have the gold as shown) Gold, Black, Steel Blue and Turquoise.  They retail for $39.99 – $44.99 and are available on the Scooch website.


Clipstic Pro by Scooch



Thank you Scooch for allowing us to review this product!  We are a new fan!


What type of phone case do you like?  Do you have a particular brand or style that you seem to be drawn to?  Let us know in the comments below!