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We Gotta Bingo

An Interactive Dinner Theater

We Gotta Bingo


We Gotta Bingo at Chicago Theater Works in Chicago has a very interesting take on the world of Bingo.  Let me just start out saying that our trip into the city was rather interactively hilarious on its own.  We were about 30 minutes late because we were stuck in the wonderful traffic that exists heading into the downtown area from the burbs.  We zigged and zagged through the city and side streets trying to find somewhere to park.  We had no idea where to even begin looking because if you’ve ever been to the city on a Saturday night, you know you aren’t going to find parking anywhere quickly and if you do, chances are you’ll have to walk blocks upon blocks.  Somehow we managed to find a spot with a meter.  I have no idea where we were, but we knew we’d never make it to the theater any time soon if we walked.  We out money in the meter and started walking…to where, no idea.  One of my friends somehow managed to get us a cab.  Probably due to her good looks.  Turns out were only a few blocks away but still, we would never have managed to walk there due to our need for a bathroom and because I wasn’t wearing the greatest of shoes.


Upon entering we could hear laughter as we tried our best to nonchalantly find our seats.  Once seated we were ready to start playing bingo.  I got my We Gotta Bingo “My Name Is” name tag and it appropriately said “Gorgeous” on it….great way to start the evening.  Let me put this into the best possible perspective.  You have to imagine yourself at a church fundraiser.  You have to pretend you are in that setting and you have to know that while in that setting, you’re getting “that” setting.  To put this as briefly as I can, you are at a church fundraiser where two churches are trying to raise money so that they can merge together to become one.  They are raising money through bingo.  You, paid to become a part of this scene.  Through playing the different games of bingo and during the breaks between games you got up, moved around and….danced with the cast.


We Gotta Bingo - Dancing


You were also served dinner.  One member of you table was required to get all your plates (paper) and utensils (plastic) and then they would go grab your food.  You received a serving of slightly warm lasagna (mine was too spicy – I think they added too much pepper in it), a small salad, and a piece of bread.  I would say for the money that you would be paying, the food wasn’t the best.  But then again, I try to remember it’s supposed to be a church fundraiser and what do you eat at one, perhaps this is it?  Then it’s back to playing bingo and watching the cast do their thing.


We Gotta Bingo - Cast


The show itself was a lot of fun and we spent some time chatting it up with Rosa played by Jane Allyson.  She was a lot of fun.  The cast had a lot of energy, especially Bucky (Merrick Robison) and Darla (Jessica Scott).  By far, my favorite was listening to them.  There were real prizes too…now don’t get too excited, you didn’t win real money or anything like that.  More like garage sale finds and a fake big poster board check at the end.  Despite the food, it was a fun night out with the girls.  We had a lot of laughs and it was fun to go out with out having to deal with kids.


For more information and to purchase tickets to We Gotta Bingo at the Chicago Theater, visit their website at www.wegottabingo.com.



Subaru Legacy Drives Like a Champ! {#SubaruLegacy #AD}  0

2015 Subaru Legacy

2015 Subaru Legacy


Oh the Subaru Legacy, where shall I begin?  I was always a “car” driver…that is, until I started having children.  That was 17 years ago.  I loved my cars and would get a new one every three years…that is, until I started having children.  I went from driving a Toyota Camry (would bump my head every time I would have to get the baby out of the car) to driving a Hyundai Santa Fe.  Then I had three kiddos and lack of car seat space so on to a minivan.  That is where I stayed up until last year.  Now that my kids are older I was able to get away from being a “minivan mom” and am currently driving a Mitsubishi Outlander.   When I had the opportunity to give the 2015 Subaru Legacy a test drive, I had to jump on that.  I haven’t driven a car since 1997, yes, it was time to see what it felt like to drive a car again and I couldn’t wait!


When the car first arrived I was super excited to check it out.  I absolutely love this color!  It was called Ice Silver Metallic and it was just beautiful!  I grabbed the key fob and headed to the door, only, I didn’t know how to unlock and open the door.  I had never had a car with Keyless Access with Push-Button Start!  It was all so foreign to me.  I was faced trying to figure out how you actually start the car.  I pushed the start button and nothing happened.  My oldest said that I should put my foot on the break and then try pushing the button again.  I did and it started! YAY!  We did it!  I have to say that I was in complete amazement with the entire car.  The outside was so beautiful!  It was shiny and new.  It was classy yet sporty at the same time.  I was excited to see all the neat new features that I could have only wished I had in a car.  


Starts at $21,695 to $29,595 with a 5 star safety rating and 36-26MPG!  Right there…speaks volumes to a mom with a new driver in the home.  It is affordably priced, has an amazing safety rating, great gas mileage and has tons of features to boot!  This particular one I tested was loaded with features like a Moonroof, Keyless Access and Push-Button Start + Navigation System, +eyesight driver assistance system (which was so neat…felt like I was flying a plane!) that would alert you when you are starting to cross over into another lane, (heated) leather seats, and all the standard car features (all-wheel drive (which provided a super smooth ride, even in the rain!), cruise control, power windows, intermittent wipers, etc…).  I loved backing out of my driveway because it had the rear back up camera that would turn on in the center dash.  Take a look at the interior & its features:


2015 Subaru Legacy Steering Wheel



2015 Subaru Legacy Center Dashboard



I also have to share the interior and seating with you.  I have a taller friend and we went out a few times in the car and she kept saying how impressed she was with the leg room.  As a tall person she said it’s always so cramped in the passenger seats but with the Subaru Legacy, she felt she had plenty of leg room and head room.  I also have three kids who are older, 2 of which are adult size now so to get all three in the backseat without complaining is always a task.  With the Subaru Legacy, they all fit comfortably and had plenty of leg space and shoulder space.  As a shorter person, seat height, dashboard and hood design has always been something that I pay special attention to.  I hate not being able to see over the steering wheel, or have to position myself so that I can see over the hood.  With the Subaru Legacy I didn’t have to adjust anything!  I was able to see perfectly over the steering column, over the hood and what I loved the most was the windows and the larger ability to view blind spots.  It was almost like driving and not having any part of the car disrupt your view.  I love, love, loved it.  It was so airy and spacious while driving.  I felt like a brand new 16 year old driver.  It was an awesome feeling!  I’ll admit it, I did blast the radio and started singing like no one was looking!


2015 Subaru Legacy front interior



2015 Subaru Legacy back interior 

The Subaru Legacy far exceeded my expectations.  If and when the time comes for us to purchase a new vehicle, I can guarantee my first visit will be to my local Subaru dealer to check out the latest and greatest Subaru Legacy model.  I also shared a short video of the vehicle on Periscope so when you hear me talking or answering questions, I was just interacting with those live viewers at the time.  You can view that below but I must warn you… I realized I said “cool” about 1000 times.


For more information on the 2015 Subaru Legacy you can visit their Facebook Page, tweet them on Twitter or go visit your local Subaru dealer.

Penny Longboards Are Top Notch  4

Skateboarders Take Notice of Penny’s Skateboards and Longboards!

Penny Skateboard & Longboard Review


I’m going to just jump out and say it.  I am impressed with Penny Skateboards and Longboards!  My daughter, Gianna loves to skate.  She has many different skateboards and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.  When I had the opportunity to review the Penny Longboard, I knew who was going to be my “tester”, and needless to say, she was quite excited to check it out.  Granted, she is 11 so I’m sure there are plenty of well-skilled skateboarders out there that can do circles around her, but I am basing this review off of what my child thinks about the product and of course, I’ll be looking at key elements as to what makes this product impress me the most.


Penny Skateboard & Longboard Review by TotsToTeensMagazine


First, lets take a look at its length.  The Penny Longboard measures 36″ long and 9.5″ wide, which when put into perspective, a regular skateboard typically will have a deck size anywhere from 28-32″ long.  This however is a Longboard which you can tell by its name that it is going to be “long”er than your regular skateboard.  Longboards are used mostly for cruising, downhill and as a means for transportation.  For G, it’s a means for exercise and activity.   You can see in the photo above, the Penny Longboard stand pretty tall in comparison to my almost 5′ daughter.


Penny Longboard Product Review


Check out this big bad boy!  The Penny Longboard is made using a unique, ultra-strong plastic design and has extra large wheels.  This makes for a smooth, stable, relaxing and well-controlled cruise that even a mom can master!  {Yes, I too had to try it….but I won’t scare you with those photos!}  That is the first thing that G said was how smooth the ride was and that she could actually make turns without getting stuck along the way.  The key factor that I loved the most was the Penny Longboards quality.  As a parent, that is one thing that I look for the most when selecting a product that my kids will be using, its quality and durability.  Penny Longboards far exceeded my expectations where quality and durability was concerned.  We have many skateboards and small penny boards and some haven’t lasted the test of time, but I can honestly say that the Penny Longboard will be around for quite some time and that makes me happy to know that it will get plenty of use and G will get plenty of exercise! 

She loves to push boundries (which may end up haunting me at some point) so you see she is trying to do a few tricks which was harder than she thought. 


Penny Longboard in Action


Before I get to the juicy video G and I did, I want to share some additional information about the Penny Longboard.  The Penny Longboard comes in 6 different colors, Gray, Blue, Rasta, Royal Blue, Glow and Mint.  Each longboard/skateboard features a waffle top non-slip deck with added textural grip for enhanced control.  Each Penny Longboard retails for $159.99 and you can find all the specs on their website PennySkateboards.com.  The company also carries 22″ & 27″ skateboards in a wide variety of colors and styles.  You can even do a 3D customization of your skateboard or longboard for an even more personalized look!  No matter which option you go with, you will love this product and appreciate its amazing quality and functionality!


Penny Skateboard & Longboard Product Review







Family Fun Movie Night With MIKE AND IKE® & Jurassic World

This is a partnered post with Mike And Ike.  All views and opinions are my own


MIKE AND IKE® Partners With Jurassic World DVD To Bring You a

Limited-Time Candy!


MIKE AND IKE® parenters with Jurassic World DVD


As my kids get older, it gets harder and harder to get together with each other, let alone all of us together at once.  We love getting together on Friday nights for family movie nights and that usually consists of use grabbing some pizza, candy, popcorn and a movie and then snuggling on the couch.   If anyone knows me, they know I love family time and can’t get enough of it.  I want to take a moment to thank MIKE AND IKE® for the opportunity to have a family fun movie night!  We enjoyed watching Jurassic World and every single piece of candy shared!


Being a busy family of five usually means you miss out on a lot of things throughout the year.  Take for instance, going out to the movies.  One, it’s pretty expensive to go to the movie theater with five people, and two, when we do get an opportunity to go to the movies, we can’t ever settle on one movie since we all have different likes and dislikes.  The one movie we all did want to see was Jurassic World, which we never did make it to the move theater to see.  I loved the original Jurassic Park and really wanted my kids to experience the new movie. 


MIKE AND IKE® partnered with the release of Jurassic World on DVD this past October 20th and celebrated with a limited-time candy, Jurassic World Tropical Fruits.  That said, Tots To Teens Magazine was lucky enough to get an opportunity to work with MIKE AND IKE® and share our family fun movie night with you.


Mike And Ike Partner Gift


We received the above goodies from MIKE AND IKE® that included a really fun scented pillow (that we have all agreed would stay in the family room to avoid additional fighting),  MIKE AND IKE® assorted candies (original flavors, Zours and the limited-time Jurassic Park tropical fruit flavor), popcorn bucket, PEEPS (blue raspberry flavored large dino eggs), a MIKE AND IKE® cup with straw, a Domino’s gift card and Jurassic World on DVD. Who doesn’t love MIKE AND IKE® with their sweet, chewy yummy candies?  The limited-time Jurassic World Tropical Fruit is filled with a variety of flavors, including a special mystery-flavored “dino egg”.  And for $1.00 a box {movie theater box- 5 ounces}, they are super easy on the budget on movie night or…any night and it provides enough of the sweet treat to get you or your kids through the movie!


Family Fun Movie Night Jurassic World DVD

We all had so much fun watching the movie together.  I know it’s hard to see in the photo, it was super dark since we turn off all the lights, but we were all just glued to the tv.  I will even admit to jumping a couple times during it… I scare easy! LOL  If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Jurassic World on DVD, you really should.  It’s a great movie for the whole family and it kept us entertained, which is hard to do with 5 of us.  I love spending time with my family, especially on family fun movie night!


OH!  And just for you guys, I am able to share a code that will allow you to receive 20% off orders of $25 or more at PeepsAndCompany.com.  Now you can purchase movie night essentials along with fun branded merchandise!  (GREAT for the holiday shoppers!)  Use the code MIMOVIENIGHT when checking out and be sure to share it with your friends!


For more information on MIKE AND IKE® candies, visit their website, Facebook Page, or follow them on Twitter.




Sausage & Egg Biscuit Bake Using Johnsonville Naturals Sausage  0

Johnsonville Naturals


I am always looking for quick and easy recipes, especially in the fall.  For some reason I really don’t like to cook as much.  Maybe it’s the weather or maybe its that it starts to get dark earlier and I then just get a bit more lazy.  Either way, quick and easy recipes always capture my attention.  I am also always looking for ways to make my favorite meals healthier.  My husband had dental work and I need to come up with softer foods for him to eat and there isn’t anything softer (unless you go to a liquid form) than eggs.  So I whipped up one of my family’s favorite baked egg dish, only this time I opted to use a healthier version of breakfast sausage. 


Johnsonville Naturals Original Breakfast Sausage


Today I used Johnsonville’s Naturals Breakfast Sausage.  You might be asking yourself what the difference is between Johnsonville’s Naturals as opposed to other sausages (Italian, Breakfast & Brats).  The difference in my opinion is huge.  The Johnsonville Naturals is just that, 100% all-natural sausage.  There are NO artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors.  It does not contain fillers and (the breakfast sausage) is pork raised without added hormones (which I personally love).  If there is one thing my family loves it’s breakfast foods, morning, noon or night so I couldn’t wait to put the recipe together.


First we need to brown our sausage as in the photo above.  Once that’s done, I just set them aside too cool off a bit so I can cut them into pieces.

Next it’s time to put the rest of it together, starting with 10 eggs.


Sausage & Egg Biscuit bake


After you have beaten the eggs, we need to set up our baking dish.  You’ll want to spray the bottom of your 9×13 glass casserole dish and line the bottom of it with your buttermilk biscuits.  Then I top it with my cut up Johnsonville Naturals breakfast sausage links.  Yes, I do admit to eating a link and I found it to be filled with flavorful spices that tasted great!  It made me anxious for this dinner to be completed!


Sausage & Egg Biscuit Bake using Buttermilk Biscuits


Once I have that taken care of it’s time to mix the combine the egg with chopped onion, pepper and cheese.


Sausage & Egg Biscuit Bake with Onion, Pepper and Cheese


It then goes into an 350 degree oven (uncovered) for about 30 minutes.  Take it out, serve immediately and enjoy!


Johnsonville Sausage & Egg Biscuit bake


The fun thing about this recipe is that you can add any veggie you want and it would still taste good.  My husband likes it because it is very light and doesn’t leave you super full.  I think next time I make it I am going to use reduced-fat croissants to make it even healthier!


Sausage & Egg Biscuit Bake
  1. Johnsonville Naturals Breakfast sausage - ground or links
  2. 10 eggs
  3. 1/4 cup onion
  4. 1/4 cup green pepper
  5. 1 can biscuit
  6. Salt/Pepper
  7. 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  1. Brown breakfast sausage
  2. Spray bottom of 9x13 baking dish and press biscuits to the bottom of the dish.
  3. Place cooked sausage on top of biscuits (I cut my sausage links into pieces)
  4. Beat eggs
  5. Add onion, pepper, cheese and salt & pepper to the egg mixture
  6. Pour entire mixture over sausage & biscuits
  7. Bake 30-35 minutes in a 350 degree oven
Adapted from Pillsbury
Adapted from Pillsbury
Tots To Teens Magazine http://www.totstoteensmagazine.com/


Fresh Thyme Market Adds Three New Locations!  1

Fresh Thyme Market is now open in Bucktown/Lincoln Park, Crystal Lake & Naperville, Illinois


Fresh Thyme Market Grand Opening Chicago


If you have not had the wonderful opportunity to visit a Fresh Thyme store and you live in one of these three areas

Bucktown/Lincoln Park, Crystal Lake or Naperville, you need to make a point to get there.  Fresh Thyme stores offer healthy food and healthy values to its customers.  I have been to my local Fresh Thyme store (in Joliet) and absolutely fell in love with it.  It’s like a little family orientated market filled with fresh and fruits, veggies, meats and tons of organic products.  It reminds me of being outside (without actually being outside) at a super cute farmers market.  Out in my area we don’t have many of those so that makes visiting my local store all the more enjoyable.  I’d like to say I go only for the freshly made peanut butter but I also go for tons of nuts, fresh honey and syrup….and wide variety of vitamins.  My list seriously goes on.  I love Fresh Thyme and go there as often as I can.  Once you go, I think you’ll agree.


Chicago area stores will be raising funds for FAB-U-WISH through The Pink Agenda, but all Fresh Thyme stores are selling limited edition reusable bags which benefit breast cancer charities.  Bags sell for $1.50 each, with all profits (.65 per bag) will be donated to charity.  BCRF.org is a great resource for Breast Cancer Awareness facts.




Baby Safety Awareness Month & The Ollie Swaddle  0

What is Baby Safety Awareness Month all about?

The Ollie Swaddle in Pink


September has been known to many in the juvenile related industry as Baby Safety Awareness Month. Its mission is to teach parents and caregivers the importance of safeguarding against hidden hazards in and out of the home. From car seat safety to sleeping safety, parents need to educate themselves on how to use specific products, not only in the home but in the car and garage!


With baby safety in mind, I would like to introduce you to The Ollie Swaddle.  Hindi Zeidman, founder of Ollie Swaddle, is a baby and parenting expert who focuses on ways to reduce fussiness, help babies self-soothe and rest on a deeper level. She is a wealth of information when it comes to teaching techniques to help parents develop healthy bedtime routines.


Swaddling has been around for a very long time, so that should come as no surprise to you, however with The Ollie Swaddle, it allows your baby to move while still feeling safe and snug. Swaddling helps infants sleep longer, reducing tears and fussing, lowers the risk of SIDS.  Swaddling has many other benefits as well.  It improves the quality of sleep along with duration (which new moms come to appreciate), and what we feel is equally important is the elasticity to allow freedom of movement. That means, your baby will still be securely swaddled through the night allowing not only baby to have a restful sleep, but you’ll get one too!


The Ollie Swaddle in Pink and Blue


The Ollie Swaddle process is a very simple, three-step process. It is made for babies 0-4 months. When your baby can roll out of the supine position it is recommended that you stop the swaddling process or leave their arms mobile. The Ollie Swaddle is moisture wicking and made using 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex and Yarn Dyed Jersey.  I am happy to report that it is machine washable.  Another added benefit is The Ollie World donates a portion of proceeds from every swaddle sold to help endangered children thrive through the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children.


The Ollie Swaddle Family


When you have a little one, you want to keep them safe.  The Ollie Swaddle gives you peace of mind that your baby is safe and sleeping comfortably.  For more information and to purchase your own Ollie Swaddle ($48), visit www.TheOllieWorld.com.



Back To School Mini-Guide 2015  1

#BTS 2015-2016 Mini-Guide

Back To School 2015-2016


With having three kids, shopping for school can get very expensive and that’s an understatement! With this years back to school mini-guide I’ll be sharing some of the products that my kids will be using this school year and where you can find them.   I try to shop using sales and coupons when ever possible but when it comes to school supplies I tend to just jump in head first and buy all I need as soon as it comes out.  The main reason for my over-achieving back to school shopping is because if you don’t get the items right when you see them, chances are you’ll never find it again as it gets closer to the school year.


Let’s start with my favorite thing ever, school supplies!!!  I love school supplies.  I love pens, markers, tape, post it notes, index cards, oh and I die for highlighters!  Here are the products that I purchased for my kiddos to take to school. If you click on the images you will be clicking on affiliate links for Amazon.com. Please note that they are affiliate links {which simply means that I’ll receive a very small percentage if you decide to purchase that item}.


click map

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencil Starter Set TI-30X Scientific Calculator POST-IT Notes 4 pack Expo Dry Erase Markers 4 pack Elmers Glue Sticks Westcott Scissors Scotch Magic Tape 3 pack 12 Inch Flexible Ruler Crayola 12 Washable Markers


As if that wasn’t enough, I also had to purchase more supplies! Remember, I have three kids so I had to buy multiples of everything! AHHHHHH!!!!
click map

Composition Notebook Clear View Highlighter White Premium Erasers Sketch Pad 16GB USB Flash Drive In Ear Headphone Ruled Index Cards Singer Sewing Kit Paper Mate Ballpoint Pens


Next on the list is backpacks and locker decor. My kids like to keep their lockers very basic. The girls have locker lights, a mirror {not shown} and locker shelves. My son, he’s a boy and really doesn’t care about the neatness of his locker.

click map

Mead FiveStar

Mead FiveStar Backpack

Mead FiveStar Locker Lights

Mead FiveStar locker shelf

My kids love the Mead FiveStar Trapper Keeper. It helps to keep all their class work papers organized and all in one place. I personally love the 2″ sewn binders because it makes it easy for me to carry my own work back and forth as needed. 

click map

Mead FiveStar Trapper Keeper and Cloth Binder

Mead FiveStar Trapper Keeper and Cloth Binder

Oh and the paper! My family loves paper and spiral notebooks. I don’t know why but I must have 15 different spiral notebooks on my desk. I love pretty notebooks. All of my kids require at least 5 spiral notebooks. They all prefer the Five Star notebooks because of their quality. They are constantly opening and closing their notebooks and the Five Star cover is very sturdy and really takes a lickin!
click map

Five Star Spiral Notebooks

The littles will love the Camelio 2 tablet and accessory pack! It makes learning fun!

click map

Marvel Avengers Accessory Pack

Camelio 2 Tablet

There are so many other items that I want to share with you like my kids favorite shoes, clothing and accessories. I’ll be putting those posts together and will share them shortly but in the meantime, I hope that some of the items I have listed above will be helpful to you and your family as we all kick of the back to school season!

8 Totally Tots Must-Have’s  2

Tots: What’s Hot!


When our babies become tots, it opens up a whole new world not only for them, but for us parents too!  They suddenly have new found independence and mobility and we have to learn how to adapt to that.  We have put together a short list of what we believe are must-have products for both, tots and their parents.



8 Totally Tots Must Have's


1.  A good diaper bag.  Ok, so your tots won’t actually know anything about this one, but this bag is too amazing not to include!  We absolutely love the Kate Tote bag by Timi & Leslie.  It is so stylish and spacious that you wouldn’t even know it was a diaper bag!  The bag comes with a matching changing pad, stroller straps, detachable & adjustable shoulder strap, pouchette for Mom’s essentials, insulated bottle holder and a dirty clothes sack.  It has a pocket for just about everything!  It is well made, sturdy and can be used with or without baby!


2.  The Moon Cocoon by nini & pumpkin!  What’s that you ask?  Well it’s the first wearable duvet that grows with your child!  It is an adjustable sleep sack that fits children from 6 months to 3 years.  How is that even possible?  When it’s not being used as a sleep sack, it can be quickly unzippered and used as a blankie or pillowcase.  It’s made using super soft-premium quality 100% cotton and is breathable and wearable.   It is hypoallergenic and lightweight making it the perfect sleep sack.


3.  The Neckerchew by Cheeky Chompers.  What happens when tots start to get teeth?  They dribble…all the time.  They also like to chomp on things…anything, right?  Enter…the Neckerchew!  It is the first, reversible chewing dribble bib for teething babies.  It is worn like a bib but the bottom corner has a a soft chewable spot for little ones to chomp on.  They are absorbent and stylish!  No more soaking wet shirts for you or baby!


4. to 7.  Many of the BogginHead products!  4. Reusable Food Pouch SqueezEms – These are perfect for on the go squeezable foods such as yogurt, applesauce, even slushies!  They are washable, freezer and microwave safe!  Your little ones will love these {it screams independence}.   5.  the SippiGrip – yes, they are for kiddos but moms and dads will love them too!  No more bending and picking up cups that have fallen on the floor.  Simply attach the SippiGrip to any stroller, high chair, car seat…anything you can attach it to and you’ll never have to look for that sippy cup, toy or teether again!  Ok, the next two moms and dads will love as well.  6 & 7.  The PaciPouch and the PaciGrip.  The PaciPouch is just that, a pouch to carry your pacifiers in.  It holds 2 pacifiers and 2 PaciGrips so you’ll always know where they are.  You can slip it onto strollers, diaper bags, anywhere you can and you’ll always have access to your little ones paci’s!  Much like the SippiGrip, the PaciGrip attached to all types of pacifiers so that you will never have to search for pacifiers and it helps to keep it clean {because it won’t be falling on the dirty nasty floor}.


8.  The ever needed, Shelfie by jrjrjones products.  Moms and dads know the drill.  Bath time = playtime and when you’re playing in the bathtub what happens?  You get water everywhere.  There usually is more water on the floor than in the bathtub.  The Shelfie attaches to your tub quickly and easily with suction cups.  It will add an extra, safe space for your little one to play, without adding extra water to your floor!


So there you have it, our 8 essential items to make life easier for moms, dads and tots too!


What’s your favorite tot product?



ENDED: AmericInn Giveaway!  3


Cactus_edited resized

AmericInn & Tots To Teens Magazine has partnered to present this amazingly fun giveaway opportunity to our fabulous readers!

Wild, Wacky and Wonderful. That’s what AmericInn Hotels is looking for this summer—in your travel photos. And they are giving away prizes!
AmericInn—the largest mid-scale hotel brand in the upper Midwest—is inviting adventurous travelers to enter a selfie or other photo of their wildest, wackiest, most wonderful travel moments!  If they pick your pic, you’ll win a free night at any AmericInn location (that’s a $200 value). Even better: up to two people in your photo will also win a great prize so get to taking some pics of your travels!

AmericInn is awarding a prize each day all summer long, and will be awarding an additional prize exclusively for Tots To Teens Magazine readers!

To be eligible for the prize reserved for our readers, click HERE!!

{Keep in mind that the contest ends August 31, 2015}


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 From the world’s only corn palace (Mitchell, S.D.), to the world’s largest concrete gnome (Ames, Ia.), to statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox (various locations), there are plenty of off-the-beaten-path locations, unique events and small-town festivals to see and enjoy, and AmericInn wants to be part of the fun. Original photos from anywhere in the world—or anywhere else you can get to—can be submitted online.

Photo entry winners will be selected based on the uniqueness, creativity and fun reflected in the photos! Entrants may also create a digital postcard with their photo on the contest website.

So get wild, get wacky, get wonderful and get going. We can’t wait to see where you’ve been!

Enter the AmericInn Giveaway today!

AmericInn Hotel & Suites

AmericInn Hotel Room

This post is in partnership with AmericInn Hotels & Suites.
All opinions are my own.


**For contest terms & official rules click here**